How to use your OurRanger to get good at disc golf and finally start playing to your full potential.
Are you looking to enhance your disc golf game efficiently and effectively?
The OurRanger training routine is here to supercharge your disc golf progress.

With just 10 minutes of training before each round, you can target and refine the shots that need improvement, and finally start beating that one guy that always talks trash when you see him.
No field work sessions needed.

Read on to find out how to elevate your game in 3 simple steps. 💪
"I've gained 77 rating points, placed on the podium three times, and even won my division once since I've started training with the OurRanger"

- Felix Auer #183010, Inventor of the OurRanger


Step 1: Identify The Problem Shots

During a regular round of disc golf, note the shots that you're struggling with.
After throwing a shot that you're not happy with, measure the distance to the basket with your OurRanger and note down the shot.
This could be "160 ft, flat, left curve" for example.
Write down the type and distance of shots that are costing you strokes

Our brains don't like to remember stuff that makes us feel bad. Be disciplined and write it down.

Try to be as precise as possible in your description. Use your OurRanger to get the distance right.

Step 2: Measure And Match

Before your next round, take your OurRanger and measure the distance to a disc golf basket that matches the one where you previously struggled.
Aligning the practice distance with your specific challenge ensures a targeted and purposeful training session, instead of just throwing at a random basket as a warmup.
Use your OurRanger
to recreate the situation

Measure the distance to the basket that you want to work on.
If you can incorporate trees or other obstacles that's even better.


Step 3: Disc Selection And Practice

Select a handful of discs that you believe would be suitable for the shot.
Take a few minutes to practice with these discs until you can reliably execute the desired shot.
This focused approach hones your skills for the exact situations that need improvement.
Take more discs than you think you need

Try to use all discs in your bag that might be suitable for the distance. You might end up discovering a new disc or shot shape for that distance.

Repeat until you can reliably reach your target with one or all of your selected discs.

The next time you encounter this type of shot on the course you can confidently take it on. You'll know exactly what disc to select and what shot shape to throw.

Repeat for Consistent Improvement

The beauty of the OurRanger Disc Golf Training method lies in its simplicity and efficiency.
It can be seamlessly integrated into your pre-round routine, and allows you to refine your skills consistently, keeping you growing as a player.

Just a few minutes of dedicated training with your OurRanger ensure that you address specific weaknesses and keep enhancing your overall performance.

And all of that packed into a simple warmup, without dedicated field work sessions.
What gets measured
gets managed 🙌

Start working on your specific weaknesses with the help of your OurRanger.
Getting good has never been this easy.