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Great Rangefinder

Great low tech rangefinder that fits in every bag.


Super simple yet very functional! Makes it easy to practice approach shots at 10m increments. I think that if you rotate the ranger to "portrait mode" then from the lower edge of the lowest "hole" to the upper edge of the middle hole will give you 10m to the basket, or C1 if I get the lingo correct.

Preciso, pequeño, duradero!

Sin baterías y con distancias casi exactas que es suficiente para mí.

Quick shipping, high Quality

Got it shipped to Sweden within a couple of days, robust design and seems durable.

Totally worth it

I brought this on the course and tested it against a few holes. It is pretty accurate. I had someone with a rangefinder check my measurements and I was within 5-10ft.
Pros: Small, lightweight, 90%+ accurate, solid design.
Cons: Cant measure distances to other objects.
If you want a finder that isn't big and bulky, expensive, takes batteries, and could break if you drop it...then get you a OurRanger!

Great low-maintenance range finder!

I love this thing because it seems like it will last forever and never needs batteries. Very easy to fit in my bag too.

Really cool!

I don’t need the most precision down to the inch, so this is a great low-tech tool for getting a reasonable estimate for how far away you are. It’s gone straight into my bag and there it will stay.

Perfect tool

Must have!

Good stuff

Super happy with my ourranger. Tried it on the course already and was actually surprised how good and easy it works. Will definitely recommend it.

PS: thanks for making small sizes too. All Trex-arms-players and women really appreciate it!