How To Find Your Size

The key to accurate distance readings with the OurRanger is getting a size that fits you. We have three different sizes so every player can enjoy accurate measurements.

Throw once, measure twice

What To Measure

The OurRanger is the only analog rangefinder on the market that is personalized to your body.

To get accurate results you need to measure the distance from your eye to your hand.

Sizes Table

Select the appropriate size according to your measurements.
If you're right between two sizes get the smaller one and pull your hand a little closer to your eyes for best results.

Keep scrolling and we'll help you figure out the correct size for your OurRanger.

How To Find Your Size

Eye to hand distance in cm Eye to hand distance in inches Best Size
below 60 cm below 23.6″ Size 55
60 cm - 70 cm 23.6″ - 27.5″ Size 65
above 70 cm above 27.5″ Size 75


How To Measure

Easy, just extend your arm and measure the distance from your eye to your hand. Check out the video below to see how it's done.

Tips For Better Sizing

Make sure to follow these tips to find the size that is perfect for you.


Be sure to keep a straight arm and elbow. You don't need to force your elbow to full extension.

Just extend your arm in a relaxed way. That's the easiest one for you to replicate.

Hand Position

The best way to get the correct hand position for measuring is to take a credit card sized object (like a pic of your favorite pro player) and hold it out in front of you.

Got your size? Get your OurRanger now!