OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder
OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder
OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder
OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder

    OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder

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      Eye to hand distance & sizes - read here for measurement instructions

      Eye to hand distance in cm Eye to hand distance in inches Best Size
      below 60 cm below 23.6″ Size 55
      60 cm - 70 cm 23.6″ - 27.5″ Size 65
      above 70 cm above 27.5″ Size 75

      If you're right between two sizes we recommend getting the smaller one and pulling your hand a little closer to your eyes for best results.

      Read here for measurement instructions


      Before the OurRanger we used to laser unknown positions or new courses.
      With the OurRanger's convenience you can have this level of confidence for every one of your shots.

      How To Use Your OurRanger

      Fully Extend Your Arm

      Extend your arm like you did when taking measurements for your hand-eye-distance.

      Find The Right Hole

      Find the hole that best matches the basket from band to bucket without the pole.

      Read The Distance And Park It

      Nothing left to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      The Rangefinder
      You're Actually Going To Use

      The OurRanger is not going to sit in its protective case in your bag, waiting for the one time you're actually going to use it.

      The OurRanger is right where you need it. In your pocket or on your bag, ready anywhere and anytime.

      How to find your correct size

      Step 1: Hold a card in front of you at eye level. Be sure to extend your arm in a position you can replicate every time.

      Step 2: Measure the distance from your dominant eye (the one you're aiming with) to the item on your hand. Check the table above for the correct size.

      Check the link below for more detailed instructions.

      Dial In Your Distances

      The OurRanger helps you train your distance accuracy by providing super fast feedback on your shots.
      It's time to really get to know your bag.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Max Jagsch
      Great Rangefinder

      Great low tech rangefinder that fits in every bag.


      Super simple yet very functional! Makes it easy to practice approach shots at 10m increments. I think that if you rotate the ranger to "portrait mode" then from the lower edge of the lowest "hole" to the upper edge of the middle hole will give you 10m to the basket, or C1 if I get the lingo correct.

      mikel Ibarrola Manterola
      Preciso, pequeño, duradero!

      Sin baterías y con distancias casi exactas que es suficiente para mí.

      Quick shipping, high Quality

      Got it shipped to Sweden within a couple of days, robust design and seems durable.

      Dustin Manislovich
      Totally worth it

      I brought this on the course and tested it against a few holes. It is pretty accurate. I had someone with a rangefinder check my measurements and I was within 5-10ft.
      Pros: Small, lightweight, 90%+ accurate, solid design.
      Cons: Cant measure distances to other objects.
      If you want a finder that isn't big and bulky, expensive, takes batteries, and could break if you drop it...then get you a OurRanger!