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OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder

OurRanger - Low Tech Disc Golf Rangefinder

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Be sure to select the correct size for accurate distances

Eye to hand distance & sizes - read here for measurement instructions

Eye to hand distance in cm Eye to hand distance in inches Best Size
below 60 cm below 23.6″ Size 55
60 cm - 70 cm 23.6″ - 27.5″ Size 65
above 70 cm above 27.5″ Size 75

If you're right between two sizes we recommend getting the smaller one and pulling your hand a little closer to your eyes for best results.

Read here for measurement instructions

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Accurate Distances For Every Shot

Before the OurRanger we used to laser unknown positions or new courses.

With the OurRanger's convenience you can have this level of confidence for every one of your shots.

Correct size - correct distance

How to find your correct size

Step 1: Hold a card in front of you at eye level. Be sure to extend your arm in a position you can replicate every time.


Step 2: Measure the distance from your dominant eye (the one you're aiming with) to the item on your hand. Check the table above for the correct size.


Check the link below for more detailed instructions.

Measuring Instructions

Durable AF

Made From Stainless Steel

The OurRanger is made from Stainless Steel and almost indestructible.

It doubles as a bottle opener too.

Always by your side

Lightweight & Handy

With only 40 grams you can carry the OurRanger in your pocket the whole round and have it with you whenever you need it.

If you'd rather put it on your bag the fast-release clip lanyard lets you do that too.

  • Fully Extend Your Arm

    Extend your arm like you did when taking measurements for your hand-eye-distance.

  • Fit The Right Hole

    Find the hole that best matches the basket from band to bucket.

  • Read The Distance And Park It

    Nothing left to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nice and simple

Finally something really affordable to improve my game! It is small, light and well produced. Thank you so much!


Awesome product! It’s been so nice to quickly get a range on the course.

Confidence Booster

I don't play rated rounds, do league, or participate in tournaments. This tool has brought my confidence to a whole new level that I might actually take steps to go competitive. It comes with a small lanyard so it can be pulled from a pocket quickly. It's just so natural now to just place my marker disc and then immediately stand up and get my distance if needed quickly, pocket the rangefinder, grab the disc, and go.

Max Jagsch
Great Rangefinder

Great low tech rangefinder that fits in every bag.


Super simple yet very functional! Makes it easy to practice approach shots at 10m increments. I think that if you rotate the ranger to "portrait mode" then from the lower edge of the lowest "hole" to the upper edge of the middle hole will give you 10m to the basket, or C1 if I get the lingo correct.