OurRanger is the official rangefinding partner of the Dutch National Team for 2024

  • Fast

    Put your OurRanger in your pocket and measure the distance to the basket in less than 5 seconds.

  • Low Cost

    Level up your game with our patent-pending stainless steel rangefinder for the price of just one premium disc.

  • Accurate

    With an average accuracy of 94%* the OurRanger is accurate enough for anyone not (yet) on the Pro Tour.

Ancient geometry

How It Works

All baskets are around the same height from band to bucket. Combined with the distance from your eye to your hand the OurRanger lets you know how far you need to chuck your plastic.

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AS Easy as a tap in

How To Use It

Extend your arm and match the basket to one of your OurRanger's holes to read the distance. Easy as that.

Now all you need to do is throw.

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We did the math

94%* accuracy

We designed our patent-pending rangefinder using Monte-Carlo simulation based machine learning algorithms.

Or without fancy buzzwords: we have 3 sizes so everyone can have an accurate reading.

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"Perfect for my game"

"I don't need to know if it's 64 or 66 meters to the basket. I want to know if it's 60 or 70 meters.

OurRanger is perfect for my game"

- Alex A.
3rd Place at Iron City Ice Crush 2023 Green Divison

Let's gooooo

The Rangefinder You're Actually Going To Use

The OurRanger is not going to sit in its protective case in your bag, waiting for the one time you're actually going to use it.

The OurRanger is right where you need it. In your pocket or on your bag, ready anywhere and anytime.

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Team OurRanger

Team OurRanger is made from disc golfers from all over the world and all paths of life.

We also have a dog.

Meet the team

Dial In Your Distances

The OurRanger helps you train your distance accuracy by providing super fast feedback on your shots. It's time to really get to know your bag.

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And when your rounds don't go as planned OurRanger is still there for you ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get the 94%* accuracy?

We've simulated usage of the OurRanger for every possible Hand-Eye-Distance between 50 and 80 cm and calculated the average accuracy.

However, the simulation can only tell between e.g. 50 and 60 meters. If the basket fits somehwhere between you know that it is around 55 meters away.

So real life usage is probably even higher than 94%*.

Won't my shots be off if the accuracy is not 100%?

We think that the actual distance doesn't even matter, as long as you're using your OurRanger regularly to measure your shots.

Since you'll get the same error every time you'll know how far to throw depending on your measurements.

The short feedback cycle between OurRanger usage and throwing will make sure to really dial in your distances.

What seperates OurRanger from other analog rangefinders?

Other analog rangefinders offer only one size and distance up to 30 meters. We've found that this is very inaccurate compared to the OurRanger.

My Hand-Eye-Distance is almost 90 cm long. Does the OurRanger work for me?

Nah. Sorry Gannon.

Send us a mail and maybe we can work something out.

Can I get sponsored?

Maybe. Contact us and we'll talk.

I'd like to include OurRangers in a players' pack or as a tournament prize. Can I get a discount?

Yeah, contact us and we'll try and work something out.

Does the OurRanger work if the basket is up- or downhill?

Yes. the distances are measured exactly the same. Just be sure to hold the OurRanger perpendicular to the ground so the perspectives work out.

How far do you even throw bro

At least 140 m / 460 ft internet distance brah

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