Retail FAQ

OurRanger Retail - Frequently Asked Questions

The OurRanger comes in three sizes. How will my customers know which size to pick?

Customers need to measure the distance from their eye to their arm when in an extended position.

We have a detailed Sizing Guide that is yours to take any information from that you'd like to feature on your shops page. We also provide additional infographics about how to find the correct size and how to use the OurRanger. 


What's the difference between the OurRanger and other analog rangefinders on the market?

Other analog rangefinders only come in one size. With players' arm lengths varying by up to 10 inches / 25 cm they can not provide reliable and accurate measurements. The OurRangers patent-pending sizing systems yields an average accuracy of over 94%.

While comparable products only allow measurements up to 100 feet / 30 m the OurRanger can measure up to 360 feet / 110 m.


What about shipping?

B2B orders are shipped with a parcel service including tracking every work day. Shipping and related costs are paid for by the buyer.


Where are you shipping from?

We're shipping from Vienna, Austria in Europe. Usually our B2B shipments only take a few days to reach their destination.


I'd like to try the product before stocking it. Can you supply sample units?

Yes, we can supply samples in all three sizes free of charge, with interested shop owners only paying half the shipping costs using a trackable parcel service. 


Can you provide customized designs for my shop?

Of course! Simply get in contact and we can work out the details.


Won't this product reduce sales of more expensive rangefinders with a better profit margin?

We have found that people that are buying our product are not interested in buying more expensive laser-based rangefinders at all. 

However, we have noticed that some of them upgraded to laser-based rangefinders after a few months of using the OurRanger anyway. We suspect that once they have seen the convenience of knowing the distance to the basket they were able to justify the cost of a more expensive rangefinder.

A well timed upselling email a few months after a customer purchased an OurRanger from your shop might lead to more sales of more expensive rangefinders later on.