Armlength & Accuracy - Do You Really Need Three Sizes?

Armlength & Accuracy - Do You Really Need Three Sizes?

There are three different sizes of OurRanger, so everyone can enjoy high-accuracy distance measurements without buying an expensive laser rangefinder. 

But is this necessary? Other comparable products only offer one size and claim to deliver accurate distances. Is this not true?

Read on to find out!

A Short Example

If you’re short on time or just don’t care enough to read mathematical explanations take a look at the picture below.

One is an OurRanger in size 55 for people with shorter arms and one is size 75 for people with longer arms. Take a look at the cutout for 66 ft / 20 m and compare the two sizes.

Comparison of OurRanger Size 55 and Size 75

If we overlay the 75 model on the 55 model the difference is even more visible. Does this look like a “one-size-fits-all” kind of product to you?

Comparison of Size 55 and Size 75 OurRanger

Only the OurRanger’s patent pending sizing system will give you the accuracy you need on the course.

Math & Numbers

The OurRanger works by measuring the size of the projection of an object of a known size onto a plane with a known distance from the viewer to determine the distance of the object from the viewer.

Or without technical mumbo-jumbo: We know how tall a basket is and we know how far away from your eyes your hand is when you extend your arm.

Combining these two numbers with the knowledge that objects appear smaller when they are farther away allowed us to create an analog disc golf range finder that yields an average accuracy of over 94%.

Changing it up

Since we can’t change the size of the basket let’s take a look at how different hand-eye-distances (or arm lengths) affect the hole sizes in the OurRanger.

The relationship between hand-eye-distance (number 8 in the graphic below) and hole size (number 6) is linear. That means if you hold the rangefinder 10% farther away from your eyes the hole needs to be 10% larger to get a correct reading.

Illustration of how the OurRanger works

Let’s say our basket is 66 ft / 20 m away. For someone with a hand-eye-distance of 55 cm (smallest size OurRanger) the hole needs to be 22 mm high to get an accurate distance. For someone with 75 cm (biggest size OurRanger) this number gets up to 30 mm. 

That’s a difference of over 36%. If we take the distance down to 10 meters or Circle 1 we get a difference in the hole size of 16 mm. Would you risk getting called for a foot fault on a measurement that is this inaccurate? 


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It's clear that the OurRanger is the only low tech rangefinder on the market that walks the talk and gives your the accuracy that it promises, thanks to its patent-pending sizing system.

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